Thursday, March 28, 2013

Placing the Blame

Dear Society,
                        I honestly want to lay all the blame on you for the battle I must face each day.  I want someone to blame… anyone to blame but the one who is truly responsible for this.  
You did exactly as I asked.  I wanted food, but not just any food.  I wanted something easy, something quick and something reasonable.  You granted me microwave meals, an array of fast-food restaurants, convenience store munchies, five-minute side dishes, mouth-watering desserts and a grand selection of carbonated beverages.  You gave my milk flavors, offered me sweet cream for my coffee, provided energy in a handy chocolate bar and took the pulp out of my orange juice.  It wasn’t enough, I wanted more.  I wanted comfort food as well.  You offered me fat and juicy cheeseburgers with crunchy bacon, crisp, salted French fries, and ice cream with a variety of yummy toppings.
                However, Society, in granting my requests, you were terribly quiet in your warnings. You did tell me, however, you didn’t shout it out like you did when you were informing me about all these things.  You didn’t post pretty pictures or hit me with subliminal messages in your advertising about the dangers I was facing by indulging in all these tasty foods.  So I didn’t pay attention.  I didn’t worry about the high calories, I blatantly ignored the sodium content and the fat and gave in to the addiction to these processed treats.  You weren’t very loud about telling me I wasn’t getting my daily recommended nutritional value in all the food groups, or that continually indulging would wreak havoc on my body. In all fairness, though, when I did hear you, I ignored it.   After all, everyone had cheeseburgers, pizza, sodas and other wonderful fried food goodness all the time.  I was going to buy it anyway because it was cheap and it curbed the hunger for the time. 
                Yes, I could blame you, Society.  That would be the easiest way to cope.  Blame you and demand the government step in and start doing something to change your ways, to stop you from giving me exactly what I demanded of you.  Or I could simply accept that I am responsible for myself.  You did not force me fill my cart with pre-processed goodies, chips and simple meals. You did not take me into the kitchen every time I was sad, lonely, or bored. No… that was me making that decision all along. 
                See, I like food.  It’s always been my comfort, and my downfall. Thankfully, Society, you know about people like me and you spin it both ways.  You cater to what I demand, even though it’s not good for me, and you offer me a way out, that’s harder and not near as comforting as a good piece of cheesecake drizzled with cherry sauce.  You now offer countless online sites to guide me in a quest to be healthier, to eat like I should be eating.   You label nutritional values ( and let’s face it, you always did ) and you are now making it easier to see those same values when I do go into a fast-food place.  Support groups are now plentiful and let’s be honest, those healthy foods may seem expensive, but they really aren’t when you realize you don’t eat near as much of them.  You are doing much better at educating me and leading me in the direction I need to follow.  It is a hard road to travel,  after living on the fast and easy for so long, and I admittedly stumble quite often.  This road is not lonely though, more and more are merging in and that makes it even better. 
                Society, I still blame you a little, but ultimately, I know this is up to me. 

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