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The title of this blog is misleading.  It makes you think this is going to be an ongoing blog about gardening or horticulture.  In reality, this blog is about my passion of writing.   I admit, I do have a weakness for flowers and thus, I felt it was a good name for the blog.

A little bit of history...   I was born with a pen in hand and a notebook filled with ideas.  As interesting as that birth would have been, I think the truth is I was born in the ordinary way and there was no explanation needed.
I discovered my love for the written word very young in life.  I cannot remember my first book, my first word, or the first time I picked up a crayon and made up a story, but I do remember that first trip to the library with my mother.  I was hooked the moment we stepped into the doors of Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin. The place was enormous and my mother placed me in the children's section and said, "Here is your destiny."   I could never get enough of the library and the thousands of stories just waiting for someone to read them.  And then I learned how to write.
I was around seven years old when I wrote my first story and I never stopped.   At the age of fourteen I wrote a book.  It was a sordid tale of quintuplets and their very tragic tale of love, deceit, death and betrayal.  It was not written well.  I sat at the typewriter and pounded out whatever idea popped into my head and never bothered to edit, proofread or get opinions.   The judges of the contest maybe laughed or rolled their eyes, I never will know.  Instead I got a "thank you for your submission, however you did not win" postcard.   I was devastated, my very first rejection and I allowed it to stop me in my tracks.   I didn't stop writing, but I didn't submit either.  I always had great excuses, the best one being,  "I'm waiting to live some life before I can sit down and write about it."

Here I am, a few decades down the road and I'm finally finding the courage and confidence to put myself on the line and enjoy my passion.  I've lived a life worth writing about.   I know that even if I don't succeed in getting a book published, I am at least pursuing the dream.

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